Flooring Service - Chalfonts, Gerrard Cross and Windsor

H.C. Bell Flooring Specialists have proudly served The Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross and Windsor area since 1967 with high quality flooring installation and renovation services. I offer flooring services ranging over all phases of the floor installation process as well as extensive floor restoration services. At H.C. Bell, I pride myself on our ability to breathe new life into dingy old wooden floors with our expert level restoration services, from wood floor sanding to wood floor staining and more. I’m happy to work with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished product meets our high standards and suits your tastes.

To ensure that my floor restorations and renovations are always of the highest quality, I source our materials from top brands like Osmo and Ceramaxx, which are high-end brands of wood flooring finish.

Flooring Restoration And Installation

With my company being in business for so many decades and with my nearly fifty years of experience in flooring services, I’m confident in my ability to provide services that will address any and all of your flooring needs.
If you are a resident of The Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross or Windsor and searching for a solution to your flooring restoration and installation problems, call H.C. Bell today to go over the details of your flooring needs and make an appointment.